Cyber School or from amateur to professional league

The rapid pace of e-sports is gaining popularity, which certainly contributes to the comprehensive development of the industry. One of the entertaining phenomena was the emergence of the “cyber school” – communities that offer to ordinary players lessons for improving their skills.

As the teachers are eminent players, commentators, and sometimes just guys with a fairly high level of play. Mainly, this format of training is in demand in CS: GO and Dota 2DreamSchool Dota 2 and Zeus Cyberschool are popular examples. They are popular in social networks, which provide paid lessons – individual classes and practices to players. Cyberschools also offer to their students the enrollment in special databases after completing the course – such databases, according to schools, are often used by managers of professional teams to search for fresh blood.

According to the principle of action, this is very similar to the youth sports schools such as FC Dynamo or Shakhtar, where the best students have a chance to receive an invitation to the main team.

zeus cyber school

Of course, it is still difficult to assess the importance of cyber schools, but the appearance of such a phenomenon testifies to the continuously growing number of players who wants to grow to the level of cyber sportsmen.